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What is Prism

PRISM is a revolutionary new way of understanding human behaviour and relationships in both business and personal life. Regarded by many as the ultimate coaching tool, it draws upon the latest discoveries of neuroscience to offer a fast, effective and lasting way to improve the performance of individuals, teams and organisations.

PRISM can help change your life by making a difference in every relationship you have, starting with the relatio PRISM demonstrates, amongst other things, that although a person may be eligible for a specific job or role in terms of skill, knowledge and experience, they may be behaviourally unsuitable.

PRISM provides an accurate measure of the behaviour an individual will tend to display in response to situations and other people.

"I really feel for the first time that we have discovered in PRISM a model of human behaviour that we can readily incorporate into our team and that will lead to improved motivation, performance and results"

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