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Why neuroscience rather than Psychology

Nature VS Nurture

Falsification of Type


The brain, for example, does not have a system dedicated to 'perception'.

No one part of the brain does solely one thing and no part of the brain acts alone.

In modern personality theory the nothion of 'self' typically refers to the conscious self, in the sense of     having self- knowledge, a self-concept and self-esteem. However, the brain learns and stores many things     in networks that function outside conscious awareness.

Some so-called personality traits are highly influenced by genetic history. However, people are not always     true to their personality traits. A person can display extroverted behaviour at home and yet appear to be     introverted at work.

Some instruments categories individuals into one of 16 types, but critics have long contended that typology     oriented approaches to personality are too simplistic and often inaccurate.

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